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Five Tips To Make Your CV Work

By James Lewis Feb 18, 2020 2849

Your CV needs to work hard. Will it impress potential employers in less than ten seconds? So how do you? Here’s five simple factors to help demonstrate that you’re the right candidate for the job.

1. Neat & tidy
Using a template is a great place to start. These are readily available online, and free. You want the reader to easily digest the information you are presenting to them, so using bullet points, paragraph spacing and clean lines allows you to focus the eye on the important points.

2. Contact Information
You’d be surprised to see how many applications do not have up-to-date contact details, or any details at all for that matter. Name, email address and telephone number should be considered a minimum. Provide your most frequently used email address, ideally one you can access from your laptop, phone and P.C..

3. Relevance
Make sure your resume highlights why your experience and skills match that of the job description. If not, you’re going to lose the reader’s interest immediately. Saying that you’re a team player who works well towards sales targets when you’re applying for a marketing role isn’t going to cut it! Fine tune your CV for each job application.

4. Concise
Make it short and snappy. Get to the point, clearly laying out what you can bring to the company through your summary, work experience and education. It’s a nice touch if you can summarise in one sentence what you achieved during your time with an employer, but make sure it’s relevant to the role and plays to your strengths. Remember to keep everything to two pages, no more!

5. Accuracy
Attention to detail is very important, always double/triple check for spelling or grammar mistakes. Similarly, your timeline is important as employers are interested in how long you spent at each organisation, so don’t be tempted to stretch the length of time you spent somewhere to cover a gap. If you took three months out to explore South America, include these details.

With these simple steps and, you’ll be on your way to landing your next job.