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Five Tips To Help Get You Hired This Summer

By James Lewis Jan 14, 2020 1443

With the holiday season now upon us, more employers are looking for some extra help.

There are many different job types available, some offering great flexibility, with part-time positions and temporary posts in abundance, and of course many full-time roles.

Why not try something new, you never know where it could take you. Just come back to to see what’s new.

Take a look at these five hints to help you find success this summer (or anytime for that matter).

Make your CV shine.

Attention to detail is everything. Check through your resume and covering letter for typo’s. Spelling and grammar is so important too, and of course being up-to-date with all of your latest experience and successes. Do not rely on spell-check alone, ask a friend or loved one to go through it all carefully. Then, check it again.

Act now.

Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The sooner you start searching on, the more opportunities you will have for success. Many companies plan in advance for summer so they can have their assistance in place ahead of the season, but they do get let down or let people go, so never give up looking.

Show your commitment to the company.

Managers want you to hit the ground running. This doesn’t mean you need to bring years of experience.
Your employer will want to see your willingness to fit into the work schedule, your commitment to the company, its brand, and your can-do attitude.

No job is below you.

Be prepared to take a job below your current level. Promotion can come round sooner than you think if you are the right candidate. If an opportunity comes knocking, grab it. Take the cash and the experience and if it doesn’t work for you long term, start looking again once the season is over.

Pushing the envelope.

Literally and figuratively. Correspondence is an important part of any role. But you build great careers by taking yourself out of your comfort zone. While being a job snob if offered a position will get you nowhere fast, that doesn’t mean you can’t also go for a role you once thought beyond your reach. Be brave you may find you’re the only one to go for it!

It’s time to get summer started with all the latest vacancies from