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Hire Within Hampshire

By James Lewis Jan 12, 2020 1725

There are a host of reasons to hire from the local area, some less obvious than others.

No Relocation
Hiring locally is always the most straightforward option when presented with two equal candidates. Re-locating, particularly with a family can be a deal breaker for a new employee. At best they will have all the stress of moving away from existing family and friends. At worst, it may mean a temporary split in family life and potentially a change of mind after a lot of expensive training and time has been put in. The local employee can focus on their new role without all of these distractions.

Better Fit
Local candidates are more likely to be a better fit with existing local employees. Similar cultural backgrounds, common local knowledge and experiences all help a new person settle in quicker. It also helps to benefit good communication and team work with colleagues.

Easier References
A local person is more likely to be known to colleagues or friends who can give you honest opinions with regard to their personality, character and time keeping. It may also be easier to get more honest references from local companies who will have to stand by their comments.

Local Investment
Paying a local person is putting your money directly into the local economy. This is always seen as a good thing by other local companies and helps to enhance your reputation in the area. If relevant, it may increase local business.

Helps further Recruitment
Assuming that you are a good employer, your reputation will spread in the local area which will make further recruitment easier and less expensive.

Promotes Community
By offering work to the local area, the company is seen to be a valuable part of the community which further enhances its reputation as a contributor to local development.

Reduced Environmental Impact
By hiring local candidates and therefore lowering commuting distances, the company has made an immediate impact on protecting the environment. This can become a contributing factor in promoting the company’s corporate social responsibility policy and further improve its image.

Job seekers that want to work locally, naturally visit the largest job board in the area,