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The Telephone Interview

By Paul Richards Jan 19, 2020 2640

The phone interview can be the most important part of the job search process. So take it seriously, you never know who it might be that’s calling you. It might not be just another automated sales call, but the first step to landing your next job. Make sure you know the area code that may be calling you, so that you know to answer it and sound like the professional you are.

Communication skills are always important, but if telephone skills are a must for this job, now is the time to shine.

So here are a few tips to master that first phone interview.

A good time is key

Usually phone calls are scheduled like any other interview, but occasionally a recruiter might catch you on the hop. This is work, so be clean and dressed to put you in the right frame of mind. Distractions, you don’t need them, such as the TV, the dog, the kids. Find a comfortable space with a landline or a good mobile service and when using one, turn the other off.

Concentrate on the job in hand

Focus on this call and only this call. Now is not the time to demonstrate how good you are at multi-tasking. Everything else can wait.


Whilst on the phone, no-one can see the notes you’ve prepared, the questions you thought to ask, the large signs reminding you to say thank-you or the notes you scribble down whilst in conversation. We love sticky-notes!

Use your voice

It is common practice for many business people to stand whilst on the phone. Your body posture will have an impact on your voice and audio tone. Stand tall, walk and talk with confidence, and remember to smile, it really does work. If you are known for having a deep mumbling voice or are a little bit monotone, pep it up a bit, sound enthusiastic, they might not be able to see your smile, but they can hear it!

Don’t be left hanging

At the end of the call, ask if they need anything more from you, make sure you know what the next step is, and when this will be. If you have done your prep. you should be able to ask “should I expect to hear back from you soon”.

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